Three years ago I screenshotted this Twitter exchange between Armando Ianucci and Alistair Campbell.

It still makes me chuckle.



The index of the 57th edition of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics includes the entry “Sea water, see Water, sea”.


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A steak pun is a rare medium well done.


From “A Little Bit Hmmm” to “Satisfied”

I just wrote about one particular element of Persistence that I wasn’t quite happy with.

With a little more testing, I decided to remove that part of the game and make it simpler to understand.

I just changed the “color war” modifier so that colour changing is twice as effective as it was and now there is no confusion about having to keep grabbing even once the whole block is on your side. It makes the game slightly easier to play, but much easier to understand.

Sometimes when you make something you become attached to a way it was, and attached to the original idea you had about a cool feature. When that feature doesn’t work as well as intended it can be hard to give it up. In this case I managed to.