2015 Quiz

I used to set a pub quiz, and I have a bit of a reputation for making one around Christmas and New Year for family get-togethers. They always seem to go down well.

Today my parents are hosting a dinner party and I’m bringing a quiz that we can enjoy between the main course and dessert.

I’ve come up with 12 questions related to 2015. I was going to make them two parters – a question and then “what month did it happen?” – but I decided in the end to include the month in the question to keep it nice and simple.

However, I did introduce a neat idea where everyone was given some of the pics (I printed two copies of each) and then when I read out a question people would look at the pics they had and see if one of them matched the question. Kind of like a picture round in parallel with the trivia round.

Anyway, here’s the quiz.

1. This photo was taken in January. Whose eyes are they?


2. In February this image took the internet by storm with people arguing about exactly what colours the dress is. Which two sets of colours do people perceive?


3. This man’s name is Willie Mullins. In March he set a record at a sporting event in the Cotswolds. What was the sport?


4. In April Prince George got a sister! What is her name?

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 16.36.51

5. In May a popular comedian ran against Nigel Farage in the South Thanet election promising, among other things, to revalue the pound at 10p, put Boris Johnson on an island, and brick up the Channel Tunnel. Who was the comedian?


6. This photo was taken in June at the G-7 summit. Who are these people?


7. This man’s name is Harry Shearer. He has voiced over 200 characters on a popular TV show. In May decided to leave the show but then changed his mind and decided in July to stay. What is the TV show?


8. After recording their fifth studio album “Made in the AM” which popular boy band announced in August they were going to take a year off to pursue personal projects?


9. In September NASA found evidence of something particularly special on Mars. What?


10. In October the national lottery made an important change to their rules. What was it?


11. What girl’s name was the first to be given to a storm by the MET Office in November?


12. In December the host Steve Harvey misread the winner of Miss Universe 2015. Name either the actual winning country, or the one he misread!