A Journey Down the Radoslav Zilinsky Rabbit Hole, and Radoxist Studios’ “Awesome Art Generator” Software

Yesterday I saw a really cool picture posted on reddit in a comment:

Worth Enough by Radoxist

Someone asked “Wow, who’s the artist?” and I, wanting to know too, put the image into reverse google image search and discovered that it’s by a guy called Radoslav Zilinsky.

I replied in the thread:

Here’s his DeviantArt page and here’s his company Radoxist Studio.

This morning, for no particular reason, I had another look at the company website.

This time I was intrigued by the “Art Generator Project” tab which I hadn’t noticed before, and the link took me to another site: artgenerator.me.

Awesome Art Generator Logo

“Awesome Art Generator” Logo

It turns out that not only has this design studio done work for various high profile clients such as Transport for London, but they have created a piece of software which boldly claims “YOU WILL NOT NEED TO HIRE AN ARTIST AGAIN. EVER.”


Of course, this sounded straight out unbelievable and I was very curious to see what “Awesome Art Generator” actually did. It couldn’t be the software it claimed to be…surely?

Sensing a trap, before downloading it I watched the video about the project, which is highly entertaining and well-produced:

At this point, while still a little suspicious, I felt that whatever this software turned out to be I would certainly not be disappointed.

I downloaded it from the site, unzipped the file, started up the app, and straight away typed in my default test word “Bongo Drum”.

Instantly a .jpg image file appeared on my desktop.

I gingerly opened the file and – without any spoilers now – let’s just say I was NOT disappointed with what I saw.

I recommend you take a look at some of Radoslav’s work yourself then give Awesome Art Generator a shot. I think you will be likewise entertained.