I finally finished making a game I’d been working at on and off for a while. It’s called Persistence and I don’t want to give an explanation since it’s designed to be played without introduction.

Click the image to play:

Something something Mondrian something something simple graphics

As usual, I learned a lot along the way, and I feel like I’m getting to a comfortable point where I don’t need to do a detailed code analysis every time since I can re-read my stuff and understand how it works much more easily than I used to.

I’m increasingly finding that solutions which required thinking quite hard at the time (and I was worried would be incomprehensible in refactoring) are actually much easier to understand re-reading the code afterwards. It happens a lot, and I’m only really just getting used to it. This is a great effect, as it gives me more confidence to plough ahead with a solution even if it seems complex at the time, because I can have some faith that when I look over it the whole thing will make good sense. With one caveat: only if the code works in the first place!