Achieve Maximum Redness

There is one specific aspect of Persistence that I’m a little “hmmm” about still.

In the game, you capture the blocks, but the countdown to win the game doesn’t appear until all the captured blocks are fully red. To make a block fully red you have to “grab” it on passing flush when it is already fully on your side. Each “grab” at this point will make it a little bit brighter until it is the brightest red. When all captured blocks are the brightest red, the countdown appears.

I’m worried that this mechanic isn’t obvious (it’s not) and causes players to stumble when they’ve captured all the blocks and think “well what do I do next?”.

However, I really like the idea that the player has to do something with the blocks once captured – that it isn’t enough just to capture them, they have to be brightened and then held for the duration of the timer.

So I’m keeping it how it is, and hopefully some of those who gets stuck will read this and learn what they are supposed to do.