Petals Around the Rose

When I was in Japan, I was reminded of the classic Petals Around the Rose game and made an online version.

Petals Around the Rose

Maybe it was because we used dice for various games at the end of the lessons, or maybe it was something else…anyway the puzzle somehow came back to my attention at that time.

I played it with my students with real dice after class a few times, which they found entertaining, and I gave the URL to those who were curious and had smart phones.

Mamiko helped me with the Japanese.

Here is the English version.
Here is the Japanese version.

I would do a detailed code breakdown…but I think honestly it’s pretty clear from just viewing the source. This is not a complicated page, and in fact there are some design/coding clangers that I made at the time and am since educated enough to identify. Doing so is a simple and instructive process but actually correcting them perhaps less insightful. Sometimes an original is worth more than a revision.