Rubber Stamp

Today I was looking through Giuseppe Colarusso’s excellent work “Improbabilita” and came across the rubber stamp.

The Rubber Stamp

Now, perhaps I am being thick, but I can’t see how it fits in with the rest of the album. Where is the alteration, the “improbabilita”? That is just a normal rubber stamp, doing what a rubber stamp does. Perhaps that is the point.

Anyway, it reminded me of when I was at university and purchased a similar stamp, and ink pad to use with it. I had this idea in my mind that stamping all my assignments with this was a really “cool” thing to do. And I did! For the assignments I handed in. However, in my mind it was this great timeless thing that would apply to all assignments and somehow go on infinitely. But there were only so many assignments set, and even fewer of those that I actually did, and the idea of stamping my work with a cool stamp was something much greater than the reality of the times I actually got to use it.

This is true of so many things in life that I have done: preparing some imagined future which is much wider in my imagination than in reality. Seeing Guiseppe’s rubber stamp made me realise the value in viewing actions and property with a “lifetime” clearly in mind. In a way, that gives everything a preciousness, a specific goal and finite utility which is to be maximised within the confines of its own space, rather than in a kind of vague generality. It has greatly informed my behaviour since.