Wednesday Maths Problems 2013-03-20

A painting hangs on a wall, attached with string and n pins.

1 Pin Painting Hanging

An example for n=1. This painting is In Escher’s Steps by John Parson.

For what values of n can it be hung such that if any pin falls out then the painting drops to the floor?

2 Pin Painting Hanging

Here n=2 but if either pin fails the painting still remains on the wall, so it is not a solution.

Solutions to last week‘s problems:

Insert $20 and a machine will generate random numbers between 0 and 1 until their total exceeds 1. It will then dispense $7 for each number it generated.

Try it with fake money.

Should you play in real life?

The answer is hidden on the game page. Hehehe!

Tomorrow is Pi Day in the US. When might a pedantic Englishman celebrate Pi Day?

UK dates are written day-month-year rather than the US month-day-year. So perhaps in the UK Pi Day would be the 31st day of the fourth month = 31st April = 1st May. There are other answers, but I like this one. I don’t like that in this version the colon can no longer be taken as a decimal point though. Hmph!

Maybe then in the UK it should be the 3rd day of the fourteenth month. So in the UK Pi Day never comes because whenever you read the date it is referring to 3rd February next year.